About Us

Jonathan Marsh

Hi my name is Jonathan Marsh and I am the Director of Minimerc Ltd. I have owned several full size Mercedes and I am a former Officer for the South Yorkshire region of the Mercedes-Benz-Club.

Being a true Mercedes nut for as long as I can remember and an avid collector of scale models I wanted to form a die-cast model business a bit different from all the rest.

On this website you will find many products that are not readily available elsewhere. This is achieved by obtaining stock from a wide variety of European trade suppliers, private collections, model fairs both here and overseas, motor dealerships, specialist auctions and any other places selling mint and boxed model cars.

Aims & Objectives

This website is not just intended to be a shop window. We're also not trying to compete with Amazon. It is designed to be a wealth of information for both model collectors and car enthusiasts alike.

The models all remain in the database even when sold out. This enables the image of the sold out products to be viewed even if the last one has gone. This helps collectors seek out that missing piece, or rare item. As we source stock from a variety of places it may come back into stock again.

The search tools are also designed so users can see a photographical history of Mercedes-Benz cars as well as other popular brands.


We partner with a number of like-minded companies and organisations.