Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I pay when ordering online?

As mentioned on the about us page, we're not trying to compete with Amazon. There are over 4,000 different products here and many are rare and obsolete.

In many cases there may only be 1-2 units available of the same product available. Each order is checked for availability to calculate the correct postage before you are charged. This prevents over selling limited items at the point of sale.

Can I call you?

YES! Please call us on 07808121013 between 10AM and 10PM 7 days a week and we will answer the phone. No options to press. No virtual chats.

How else can I contact you?

As already mentioned above we can be contacted on 07808121013. This number can also be used to send a text or WhatsApp message. We can also be contacted through our contact form, via Facebook, or by sending us an email.

How much is shipping?

Please see our shipping costs page for more information.

The model is a gift. Can I give it with a personal touch?

Yes it is possible to add a realistic number plate to most models free of charge. A greeting message can also be added.

Do you have a shop?

Minimerc is located in Sheffield in the North of England. There is no retail shop but Minimerc regularly appears at a number of Model fairs and Mercedes-Benz-Club events.

If there are any items you wish to view before purchasing please call beforehand so they can be reserved and viewed at the event.

What is the "model ID"?

The model IDs listed are the unique identifiers we assign to models. Quoting a model's ID for orders over the phone is extremely helpful for us to identify the exact model you're looking for.

How do I pay?

We now accept online payments using our secure payment provider Stripe. When you choose to pay this way, we will authorise the transaction at the point of checkout. Only once we have verified your selected model(s) are still available, will we attempt to process the payment.

If you choose to pay by card for pre-orders, as they are typically placed weeks or months ahead of release, we will send you a secure link via email to complete the payment shortly after the release date. These payments will be processed immediately.

As ever we still accept Debit/Credit card payments over the phone. Postal orders, Cheques and bank transfers are also acceptable.

Are your models actually there?

All the models shown in stock are here for immediate dispatch. Many websites use manufacturer's publicity photographs and order from suppliers as they sell to cut costs. Minimerc does not do this; all photographs are taken in-house.

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